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Scarf-tacular Saturday! November 2, 2009

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Do you suffer from scarf-phobia?

I bought my first suit – navy blue, from Casual Cornerright after I graduated from college in 1985.  I thought I looked pretty awesome with my shoulder pads and a cute scarf tied jauntily around my neck. I had never thought about wearing a scarf for anything but a ski trip.  To me, this scarf said to the world that I was ready to make my mark. How could this one accessory make me look and feel so professional and put together? My affair with scarves began….


Unfortunately for me, it wasn’t a love affair. I couldn’t figure out any other way to wear my scarves except tied jauntily around my neck.  Gone were the days of tying a scarf under the chin a la Audrey471264_f520

And I wasn’t hip enough to do the Rhoda thing….471349_f260

So the affair ended. No more scarves. Too hard to figure out, can’t tie them right – I’m done.

The affair started up again a year ago. Was it love this time? Would scarves disappoint me again, or should I take a leap of faith and give them one more chance? Well, with maturity comes wisdom….and a Fresh take on how to wear a scarf! The fear was gone! I’ve learned to wrap them, knot them, tie them, loop them, combine different textures and colors. So many stylish looks to be had! Now, I wear one almost daily.

Come to Fresh this Saturday to learn more about how to tie a           scarf.  Face your fear and learn new ways to be scarf-tastic!  Visit     the store between 12 and 2 p.m. and get 10% off any scarf.


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