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Why Neighborhood Stores are Important…A Story January 13, 2010

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The holiday season was recently upon us, and Fresh was busy.  Lots of gift buying activity was going on in the neighborhood, and we were doing our best to provide well-priced gifts.  One of our most popular gift items was a cute pearl bracelet with an enamel flower:

This darling little stretch bracelet came in 6 colors – black, ivory, amethyst, burgundy, silver blue, green. A little something to pop that holiday outfit, or the perfect gift for a friend.

We noticed that the bracelets were selling fast!  Several dozen bracelets later, we began to notice a pattern – lots of the neighborhood women were buying them for holiday gifts.  Then we heard something else – at some local holiday gift exchanges, these bracelets were the item most in demand.  Some women came in to Fresh and reported that they were the victorious winner of the coveted bracelet; others came in asking if we had any more – they didn’t go home with the bracelet so they were going to buy one for themselves.  One woman told me that she came  to the gift exchange wearing her previously purchased bracelet, and the other guests were trying to take it from her!

Why does this mean neighborhood stores are important?  We know these women and knew that they would love these bracelets.  They were able to quickly pop in and buy the bracelet, knowing that we could tell them who had already purchased one, or what color their friend said they preferred.  It was like a club.  We had a lot of laughs with our customers over it.

I don’t see that happening at a big chain store.  Just something to think about….


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